43% of Canadians are using Android

So, those of you who follow me personally know that I'm back in the substitute teaching list and back in the high schools.

It was funny as I was noticing around the class the types of devices used. As I've always noticed the younger generation trends to be on iOS... So it was refreshing to see some Androids in the mix.

In the down time we discussed devices and actually I took a quick poll.

Out of 30 students.
  • 4 Android
  • 12 iOS
  • 1 Windows
  • 1 BlackBerry

Wow, a Windows phone. Neat.

By my counts that's about 22% for Android. Nowhere near the actual figures comScore recently came up with.

See the breakdown over at Mobile Syrup (link below). Unfortunately I can't hey the full report, so we're having to give Daniel a bit of trust here. But, I know it's on the up. Definitely seeing more and more on the streets these days (now if only we could convince people it's ANDROID, not Samsung)