UCCW Theme iOS7 - Remix

This UCCW theme is more inspired from the soon to be out of beta release of iOS7. I say inspired because I don't own an Apple device. It's a representation of something I saw on www.mycolorscreen.com

Inspired by ldjalal@XDA

This custom screen is easier then you think.

Nova Launcher Prime grid 11×6
No height borders, No width borders.
No shadow.
No wallpaper scrolling.
Resize all widgets.
Widget overlap.
Overlap when placing.
Dock is ON.
Dock style white bar opacity 20% only
One dock only.
Dock width margin none.
Show scroll indicator off
Show divider off

The more fun part of this is the setup of the screen.

HD Widget for the top bar and time with the colorform theme.

The event section is custom made UCCW that you can make yourself just be selecting the option for calendar events in UCCW. If you have trouble with it I'll include the UZIP on request.

The location and weather is HD Widget with the colorform theme.

The icons are iOS 7 Flat (Apex, Nova, Go Launcher)

The dock is custom icon overlay which you can find from here:

The back ground and some icons can be found here: