#TipoftheWeek - Network Preferences

Maybe you have a nexus 4
Maybe you have a weak 4g signal and it keeps bouncing between decent LTE and great (but slower) 4g.

Either way sometimes you want to be able to control what signal your phone gets.

Well there's a hidden away little feature in Android to do just that. 

Be warned, mucking about in this section could have dire consequences for your device's connectivity.

Go into your dialer program and type on


Easy to remember as 4636 spells out INFO.

You'll then  be presented with a screen with a few options... select phone.

From there you'll see a bunch tech numbers and info...look for the "select network preference " which has a drop down selection.  Pick the option you want (ie LTE only, etc...)

Now this doesn't work for all devices... for example, Samsung doesn't allow you access.  And by default the Nexus 4 won't show LTE options (you'll need the proper radio file).

Also, you can get there directly with this handy app - 4636.  Brings you right there.