RopeBot [an app recommended for me]

So, in my quest to continue to fill the Play Store with more of my data and personal likes and choices, I'm not only ensuring that I rate all the apps I currently have installed; but I'm checking out the apps that are recommended for me.

So here's the app I tried out this week:

Cover art

Bit of a tip to this week's poll about 'gaming' too.

Reminds me much like the 'spider swinging' games of old.  Sort of a cross between those and Cut the Rope.

Your little 'ropebot' can shoot magnetic ropes to the platforms around.  Tap one to shoot to it and you can swing back and forth (and hitting left and right will help with your momentum).

Tap to let go and then ... rinse and repeat as necessary.  The idea is to collect golden screws (like the stars in Cut the Rope) and then make it to the magic cog.

It gets a little tricky to try to time your momentum of the swing and the timing of launching new ropes.  Then there's some platforms that'll hurt your character.  Others help bounce you around...

It's a nice little game, with enough of a challenge to keep you entertained.

The lite version is a little heavy on the ads (even more than Angry Birds - and I even paid for those), and for some reason it does slow down a fair bit.  I rated it 3 stars on the Play Store.

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Reviewed by Ryan Moore on Aug 24 2013
Rating: 3 (out of 5)