Rogers Dealers & Inflated Phone Prices - Follow Up

A few days ago I made a rant post about a bad experience I had with a Rogers authorized dealer when buying my Moto X. If you missed that rant, you can find the Article Here. It seems this story may have a happy ending after all.

The store in question I speak of is:

Digital Communications Group Ltd.
#2123-10153 King George Blvd.
Surrey, BC V3T 2W1

My original rant article took off like wild fire. Not only did it get re-shared by many of our readers with their own horror stories included, My Rogers Social Media Rep and team got their hands on it as well and decided to do their own little work on top of it.

I got a call today from Phillip Kwok, an Area Manager for Digital Communications. He had mentioned that he read my article as was very apologetic about the whole ordeal. Mr.Kwok assured me that he'd be having a meeting with his staff to ensure another incident like this would hopefully never happen again. 

As a consumer I totally understand that when you have other human beings at the cash register, we all have our own emotions and ways of dealing with situations. This incident in particular was just a poorly executed sale, and it's bound to happen at any and all businesses. 
The fact that Mr.Kwok made contact with me is nothing short of outstanding, it could have been easier to just shrug and let what's done be done.

Phillip Kwok explained to me that many Rogers dealers have X amount of markup due to them needing to make a profit on the outright sales of devices, which I totally understood. However, I informed him that $711 from $549 is totally unacceptable and a tad bit greedy in my mind, and also his store was the highest reported price that I've seen thus far.
He understood my concern about the price, but assured me that their head office sets the price and not his store in particular, but he did offer a decent tip.

Mr.Kwok informed me that they never turn away a customer, and that there's often a little wiggle room with the prices. Granted it won't be the sticker price on Rogers website due to them needing a profit, but perhaps a common ground could be met between the customer and retailer. This of course in all likelihood would require approval from a manager, but that falls to the hand of the employee. The employee has the power to just tell you flat out "No", and the manager will never hear a word about it, so there's a lot of "What if" questions with that method.

At the end of the conversation Mr.Kwok refunded some of my overpayment, and came to a fair price we both could be happy with. I will give this store in question the benefit of the doubt and may try them again for my next purchase, but I'll also be grabbing prices from competitors before running for that pre-order.

Phillip Kwok... If you're reading this... I offer my thanks for making contact once again. Not many people go out of their way to please a customer as you have. I appreciate it.