Rogers Dealers & Inflated Phone Prices - Rant

So as you may know, I just bought my Moto X from a Rogers "Authorized Dealer" and my experience was so terrible, I'm making a rant post. This is a post about incompetent employees, inflated prices, and lies. This is my Moto X purchase experience.

So I Pre-Ordered my Moto X from this Location of a "Rogers Authorized Dealer" which is branded as a Rogers store in Surrey Place Mall. The secret name of this location that's not posted in store is

Digital Communications Group Ltd.
#2123-10153 King George Blvd.
Surrey, BC V3T 2W1

So my device arrived in store, but I was not notified as I was suppose to be. I actually had to call, and they confirmed it had arrived early that morning, but they simply didn't notify me. That's strike 1.

So I looked past this and moved on with the transaction. The sales person "Marco Cheung" was very nice in helping me, and informed me the price was going to be $711.00. I laughed and said "Wow you guys are really being greedy about this upping the value $160+ eh..." He didn't know what to say after that, asked if I still wanted it. I replied Yes. Ripping off customers, Strike 2.

He asked why I'm paying so much. I told him I'm reviewing this phone on my website, and also I'll be writing about his greedy shop and how they're ripping people off. I also told him I Pre-ordered a phone, but clearly I picked the wrong store to do that at, and I wouldn't make the mistake again. (meaning I wouldn't be returning). I proceed with the transaction and he's like "Oh.. Uh... I have to call my Manager" So he walks off for 3 minutes and returns and says I need to sign a contract, I told him I didn't and he's going to sell me the phone I pre-ordered.  So he reluctantly agreed and asked if I'm paying by Cash or Debit, I replied I'd be pay with Credit Card. "Oh...Credit?... I have to call my Manager..." I asked him "Why is this so hard!, I just want to buy a phone and leave" He said they normally don't accept credit cards for large purchases... I found that odd because how else would you purchase a big ticket item?

So he get's off the phone with his Manager and he allows the transaction. I asked him where the manager was, he replied that he wasn't in today. I told him I'm surprised he leaves you here by yourself, you need to call him for everything, you make me feel you don't know what you're doing here.

So now I inform him I'd also be needed a Nano Sim for the phone. He replied to me "No, you don't, Nano Sim is for iPhone only" I replied to him "uh... yea I do... You should know this" his buddy starts joining in telling me I'm wrong and it's only for iPhone, no Android uses a Nano Sim. I tried to inform him that it does infact take a Nano Sim, but he just wouldn't believe me....

So he pulls out a Micro Sim and programs it in his computer and tries to put it in my Moto X... He speaks, "Oh.... It does take a Nano Sim..." I just sitting there with my hand on my chin waiting for this idiot to finish his little game... I say "... Yeah, I know... I tried telling you", So now he goes to his two partners and educates them that the Moto X takes a Nano Sim like he's mr. know it all, while I'm still sitting there waiting... Strike 3, treating your customers like idiots...

I told him, "You guys work at a Rogers store, shouldn't you know what you're selling?" He replies with "Well, Motorola never told us" so I asked "So you sell products that you have no knowledge on, and expect people to spoon feed you information?" yeah, it was kinda a dick thing for me to say, but at this point I've been treated like an idiot and delayed over and over and I just simply wanted to buy a phone and walk out.

At the end of the day I got a bit of a discount on the product, but I'll never be returning to this store. Thanks for enduring my rant, but I feel I should raise awareness for poor business' like this.

Got a similar story? Feel free to post a short version in the comments below.

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