Photo APP with Geo Tag could be a security risk?

This is going to be of a education point for parents, kids, teenagers etc. As we use smartphone so does the risk of having leaky exposure increases depending on how we use it. This one is related to photo applications that we all use. We've all taken photos with our smartphones and shared them online with friends and family.

What you may not be aware of is that photo application have the ability to use a function called geo tagging in photos. What it does is it embeds the location using the gps, cell towers and wifi that you may be connected to, to record the location of where the photo was taken.

From the picture I took above you can clearly view the mapping coordinate of where I am. So this can be in essence a problem if it gets in the wrong hands.

On the next screen capture you'll see that my Geo Tag was on and by simply ticking it off you've eliminated that problem.

Hopefully this answers the question that I've been asked about; "Why are my pictures telling people where I live?".