LG asks what can you do with one finger?

LG is launching a new contest just for us Canadians inviting us to show off what we can do with just one finger.

I'm still a little torn on the back button, but LG's convinced enough that they want to prove it with a contest of you showing the things you could do with one finger!

Survey shows Canadians want to control their smartphone with one finger
LG Challenges Canadians – one finger at a time

TORONTO (August 22, 2013) – What can you do with one finger? According to a recent survey conducted for LG Electronics Canada, Canadians can do a lot—press snooze, hail a cab, twirl their hair, the list goes on, but for 55 per cent of Canadians controlling their smartphone with one finger is important. Beginning this fall, LG is making that possible with its latest LG flagship smartphone, the LG G2.

“LG was listening to consumers when they designed the LG G2,” said Geoffrey McMurdo, Vice President, Mobile Communications, LG Electronics Canada. “The unique Rear Key concept came from the realization that the larger phones became, the more difficult it became to access the side keys. Now, with the LG G2, Canadians can more easily control their device including adjusting the volume, take pictures, craft a memo and so much more - all with just one finger.”

LG continues to listen and wants to hear what Canadians can do with just one finger. To celebrate the upcoming LG G2 launch, LG is challenging Canadians to warm up their index finger with the LG G2 One Finger Challenge. Each day for four weeks, Canadians can tell LG what they can do with one finger for a chance to win prizes, including the LG G2 before it’s available in stores. Visit www.facebook.com/LGCanada for details on the contest.

What are Canadians Doing with One Finger?
Research revealed that moving the buttons to the back of the device gives users more control because it allows for easier index finger access. In fact, this sentiment was mirrored in recent survey results with more than 55 per cent of Canadians stating one finger control is an important mobile device feature.

With the one finger control offered by the LG G2, many of the embarrassing cell phone mistakes reported by Canadians can now be avoided, including:
·         Dropping it in something (food, toilet, lake)
·         Accidentally hanging up on someone
·         Typos or sending text/messages to the wrong person
·         Calling the wrong person

What else do Canadians do with one finger? The survey revealed that upon first waking up, 33 per cent of Canadians use only their index finger to press snooze, another 30 per cent click a remote and 48 per cent of Canadians type on their phones.

If you only need one finger to control your phone what will Canadians do with their other nine digital extremities? According to the survey, 38 per cent say they will use their extra fingers to drink a cup of coffee, 30 per cent will multi-task and click on another device such as a television.

Experience LG G2
In addition to the LG G2 One Finger Challenge, LG is travelling across the country to introduce the LG G2 to Canadians and giving them the chance to warm up their index finger and experience the new LG G2. Visit www.lgg2.ca or www.facebook.com/LGCanada to learn more.