Getting LTE back on your Nexus 4 after the 4.3 upgrade

We ran into this issue before.  Originally the Nexus 4 had some LTE support, but then after 4.2.1 (or was it 4.2.2 was it?) they removed the ability to turn on LTE.

Previously you could just flash an older radio and it'd work to bring back the LTE options.  With the new 4.3 it's also gone.  So, to bring it back you're going to have to flash a new radio.

Luckily XDA to the rescue.

Now there's no official radio that works at the moment for LTE, but there is a hybrid of the newer radios with the older ones.

Check out their post here:

Essentially download either the .33/.84 hybrid or the older .27/.84 hybrid.  The links on that post provide you with .img files.

To flash it ensure you have all the ADB tools, Nexus 4 drivers (you can check out my 'how to root' post).

fastboot recovery
fastboot flash radio RADIOIMAGEFILENAME

If you have a customer recovery you can flash these zips:

.27/.84 radio or .33/.84 radio

Just try one, and see how it goes, then try the other.  I'm on the .33/.84 and I've had no issues that I know about (then again someone just said they tried to call my phone and it didn't connect)

Once flashed, just go back into your dialer and enter


Then that brings you to the option to select your radio.