Changing Your HTC One into a Google Edition

HTC One is an amazing phone, but some people still prefer the Stock Google feel despite the newly slim and enhanced Sense included on the One. I've successfully turned my Sense HTC One into a full fledge HTC One with Full OTA update support.

You'll have to have some knowledge of ADB and Fastboot to really get this to work, also you'll need to get your S-Off. Needless to say, for the new users, this is far from a walk in the park.

Things you'll need to do:

  • Get S-Off
  • Change CID to GE compatible one
  • And as said before, basic knowledge of ADB and Fastboot
Following the guide on XDA is fairly simple if you have some basic understanding, but as said above, for newcomers, it won't be easy.

If you successfully complete all the steps, you'll be able to fully convert your HTC One to an authentic Google Edition device. That means you'll be fully stock and able to receive OTA Updates when they become available. Of course you'll instantly be running Android 4.3 as well. I've personally done it myself, and it only took me about 20 minutes.

If you think can handle it and take the plunge, you can find the XDA Article here that'll fully walk you through the steps.