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Today I'm going to go into detail of AutomateIt a very good application that you can grab on the Google Play Store. This app is similar to Tasker that some of you may know or have used.

AutomateIt as it's name implies, allows  you to automate task on your phone or your tablet. You can customize your rule set whichever way you want. There's almost no limit to what you can do. Some people have went as far as calling it Tasker Jr because it's more simplistic.

From the screen captures I've provided you can clearly see your main menu. It provides an easy access to your rules. Once the application is installed there's some basic rule set already available to you which will make it easier for your to customize it.

I'll go through some of my own rule such as the Bed Time rule. This one is configured via a Time Trigger and it will do the following, disable the sounds and set to vibrate, turn off wifi, data and sync. Pretty simple no? I don't even have to worry about it will trigger at that time. It's even set on a defined schedule, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Yeah I've skipped Friday and Saturday because I have other rules in place for those days.

I also created an Wake Up rule which is basically the reverse of what I just did above. This way everything comes back normally. Except that I also added volume control. The volume is set back to a predefined state that I selected which means the volume always comes back to what I set it to. Just take a look at the screen capture for the details of how this rule is setup:
As you can see this is just one rule that I have on my device. There's other options for sending an text message out depending on the various criteria you'll set or depending on your position on the GPS you can have events and options trigger themselves and see the results.

In the recent update they made some interesting addition:
• New Gmail Trigger - Launched when a new message is received to a defined label on your Gmail account
• Send Gmail Action - send an email using your Gmail account
• New keywords - Last SMS Content & Last SMS Sender
• Stability improvements and bug fixes

The Gmail Trigger is the one that I'll have to see what can be done with this one. It's going to be interesting playing with it in the next little while.

I personally hate having to unlock my screen whenever I'm home. Honestly who beside me and my loves will be in the house? At that the phone is never more then an arm length away from me. The trigger I have on this one is based on my wireless MAC address of my router.

Upon connecting there's a rule that will trigger to disable the lockscreen and disable sync. Your probably going to ask me why I'm having sync disable; I have 3 other devices connected to the same account and most of the time the main computer is on as well and I can get all my notification on my 24 inch screen which is kind of hard to miss. But doing so I've eliminated the need for the phone to sync all the notification, data or backup and I'm saving battery usage.

Among the other tasks that I have setup on the phone I have the most IMPORTANT one. A time base trigger for the weekday when I work. It's made in focus to trigger vibrate mode this way the phone will need ring for no reason while I'm at work and won't disturb people. How many of you had that happen to many times? Your in a meeting and your wife/husband is calling to ask you to pickup something on your way home from work and your in the middle of a presentation and everyone is looking at you. Yeah.... let's leave it at that.

Here's a nice list, which is probably not complete of all the triggers and actions that can be completed;

• Any SMS Trigger – Triggers on SMS received
• SMS With Text Trigger – Triggers on receipt of SMS Message with a specific text
• Battery Level Trigger – Triggers on a defined battery level
• Bluetooth State Enabled/Disabled
• Bluetooth Device Connected – Any device or specific device
• Incoming/Hang Call – Any call or from a specific contact
• Headset Plugged/Unplugged Trigger
• Location Trigger – Arriving/Exiting a defined region
• External Power Connected/Disconnected
• Screen On/Off
• Wi-Fi Enabled/Disabled
• Connected to Wi-Fi network – Any network or a specific network
• Time Trigger – recurring time events
• Background data settings changed – enabling or disabling the background data setting
• GPS Enabled Changed – GPS Activated/Deactivated and started/stopped looking for current location
• SMS from contact
• USB Connected/Disconnected Trigger
• Airplane Mode Activated/Deactivated
• Dock State Trigger – Docked to Car/Desk
• Application Status Trigger – Triggers when selected application activated or deactivated
• Outgoing call – all calls or calling specific contact
• Sound Mode Changed to Silent/Vibrate/Normal
• Boot Trigger – triggers on device startup (assuming service starts on boot)
• Manual Trigger – Requires user explicit execution of this trigger
• Cell ID Trigger – Trigger when connecting or disconnecting from defined cellular cells
• NFC Trigger – use NFC tags to launch rules
• Weather Trigger – Monitor weather at your location
• Mobile Data State Trigger
• Activity Recognition – an EXPERIMENTAL trigger that detects when you are in a car, on a bicycle, on foot or standing still

• Notification – Shows notification on notification bar
• Play Sound – Plays selected sound
• Set Bluetooth State – Enabled/Disabled
• Set Sound Mode – Silent / Vibrate / Normal (With/Without Vibrate)
• Set Speakerphone State – Turn on/off
• Set Volume – Sets volume of all streams or a specific stream
• Set Wi-Fi Adapter State – Enabled/Disabled
• Start Application
• Enable/Disable other rules
• Vibrate action
• Enable/Disable Data Connectivity action – [NOT supported on some devices - see why on developer website]
• Kill Application [Requires Root - see why on developer website]
• Launch Home Screen
• Activate/Deactivate Airplane mode [Supported for Android version prior to 4.2 and all rooted devices]
• Enable/Disable GPS [Supported for Android version prior to 2.3 and all rooted devices]
• Enable/Disable Sync
• Set Mobile Data – Enable/Disable Mobile Data
• Set Screen Brightness – Automatic or specific value
• Enable/Disable screen automatic rotation
• Dial Phone Number
• Send SMS to phone number
• Set screen timeout (Including “Never” turn off)
• Shutdown device [Requires Root]
• Text-to-Speech – Say defined text
• Reboot [Requires Root]
• Set Wallpaper – set your home screen wallpaper

I'm sure that by now you get a really good sense of what you could do with this application. If you look right below I'll include the free link from the Google Play Store and the paid link.

This app is getting a 2 thumbs up from me and falls under what I preach "Android Customized My WAY!".

AutomateIt Free

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