Action Launcher Pro Review

Finding the perfect launcher for your phone can often become a chore. There's so many to pick from, and many are just copycats off each other or the default Android Launchers.

I stumbled across an amazing launcher called Action Launcher Pro, which gives some pretty outstanding features. I'll list a few of them here, and tell you why Action Launcher Pro deserves a spot on my homescreen.

So at first glance it looks like any other launcher that you've probably used before, but with a couple extra buttons at the top.

Any app that comes with a widget is displayed with a little "Shutter" at the lower right of the icon. If you slide up on these icons rather than taping them, you'll reveal the widget. This way you'll always have the widget on hand and don't have to clutter your screens making things look messy. Another important feature about these shutters, you're allowed to change the widget that's associated with the app. So if you have a custom widget you've downloaded off the Play Store, you can have that widget revealed instead of the stock widget the app naturally comes with.

Google has done a lot of work updating their apps to include the slideout menu on the left hand side. This is seen on all their apps now such as, Play Music, Books, YouTube, Gmail, Google+ and the list goes on. So why not have a launcher that unifies this menu style?

Action Launcher Pro has a slide out menu from the left like all the Google Apps, and it allows some customization as well. You can slide it out manually with a finger, or you can have it pop out with a press of your home button.

Though Action Launcher Pro may not have as many tweaks as some other launchers, the features it does offer exceeds my expectations. These reasons are why I call Action Launcher Pro my new home..... Launcher.

The only thing that might scare you away is the price. The selling price is about $4.50 and there is no free version or trial. So basically you have 15 minutes to try and refund if you don't like it.

So if you got a couple dollars in your pocket, I highly recommend Action Launcher Pro.

Get it on Google Play