Wireless charging at last

Right after Samsung released the wireless charge kit for the S4 I got the wireless charging itch. Since I didn't want to make my device bigger, I couldn't use the OEM kit so I've been waiting patiently for my Amazon orders. My Charge Plate came from Hong Kong via Amazon.ca and while the receiver finally arrived today from China via Amazon.com

I have to say this is just what I was looking for. The receiver fits right under the existing battery cover with the chip in the dip by the SD card slot. The SD card is accessible through a slot on the receiver which is pretty sweet. The NFC was working (I checked with a credit card) so I removed the foil layer that is between the receiver and the battery. To make sure that was the issue (I am a scientist by trade) I put the foil back on, tried from a bunch of angles then took the foil off for good. I do have a second receiver on order in case I change my mind.

The GMYLE is a Qi compatible charging pad that has a good sized target area so it's easy to place the phone in the charge position. There is a little light that flashes red/green while charging and when you first place the phone, it beeps.Then the S4 battery is full, charging stops. My intention is to keep it on my desk at home so I can trickle charge it in the evening but I may end up taking it to work. It isn't the fastest way to charge. While it takes just over an hour to charge through the micro USB port, an hour on the pad will not even boost to 50% from around 25%. There has been some chat on XDA about the back warming up during charging. I've found the back get no warmer  with charging than it does during constant use. It's thin enough that you could probably prop it and your S4 on a ...yes on a Belkin Universal tablet holder:)

Overall I'm happy with the set up. It was $45 (and some wait time) while it would be closer to $100 for the Samsung product that would take away my lovely thin device.