Why I pick Sense Over Google Edition HTC One

The HTC One is the best phone I've ever held in my hands, and I've easily owned 30+ Smartphones over the past 5 years. Having the Google Edition Roms available gives me the chance to explore both worlds and try to make Sense of it all.

Here's why I chose HTC's Sense over their Google Edition.

Both Google and Sense Editions of the the HTC One have the beats toggle switches, however the Sense version sounds a lot better on Sense. I've discovered that the Beats Software/Equalizer conflicts with the natural Google Equalizer that comes with the Google Edition phone.

This results in the phone not having natural sound, and when altering the equalizer trying to fix it, things got even worse. When turning the Google Equalizer off and beats back on, the sound was now extra tinny even though I've shut off Google's own Equalizer. This is clearly a glitch that will hopefully be fixed in later OTAs. As someone who loves music and listens 6-8 hours a day, sound matters.

This is one of the reasons I choose Sense.

Both Google and Sense editions make use of the "Ultra Pixel" technology, but Sense has more software behind it to really put it in overdrive compared to the Google Edition. The Sense version also has a smoother moving view finder and of course the Zoe feature amongst other things.
However, on the flipside Sense has no Photosphere, or native Google Photo(picasa) Sync. They technically do have a picasa sync, but it's totally rubbish...

I love my Zoe and the smoothness of the Sense Camera over Google Edition. Taking pictures with Zoe of a easily distracted child, capturing those perfect timed moments is a must. This is another deciding factor why I choose Sense over Google Edition.

Final Thoughts and Comments

Notice I only listed 2 main reasons why I chose Sense over the Google Edition. That's because It's still an internal struggle to choose one over the other.
I love the stock Google Experience, but I'm being asked to give up a little too much to enjoy that experience.

HTC has included a lot of interesting features not seen on Stock Google roms, such as extra battery saving options, camera features, sound features, Blinkfeek, and enhanced use of the navigational buttons. However, by choose Sense I lose out on faster OS updates, Native Picasa Sync, PhotoSphere, the Clean Google UI, and the simple fact that it's an extremely light system compared to Sense. Granted HTC has come a long way cutting all the fat off of older versions of Sense, you simply can't beat the stock Google cleanliness.

It really comes down to personal choices. Do you disagree with my reasoning? If so, feel free to share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below.