Using Play Books's Widget as a shortcut for your favourite book

So, the past Friday Night Hangout our #appcoliseum picks were of a widget theme, and what I chose was using Google Play Books' widget as a quick shortcut to read my book.

So, it's more of a shortcut technically, but it's listed as a widget, so I'm letting it count.

Simply, just go to your widget drawer, long press on the Play Books and then you'll pick a book from your library and place it on your homescreen.

It's a simple 1x1 'icon'/widget of your book cover and it jumps you straight into your place (thanks to Google Syncing places across devices).

I love reading my books on Google Play - especially since they started to let us upload our own ePub or PDF files into the library.  And, with the Play Services you can read it on your tablet, computer or phone and always be exactly in the spot where you left off.