Tiny Thief Review

I purchased Tiny Thief because I love cartoony comedy and easy click to play interface style games. Games such as this have a great mix of laughter and challenging gameplay to keep people like me interested. Seeing the developer name of Rovio Stars from the same team who brings us Angry Birds was the icing on the cake ensuring me it'll be well developed.

Visually there's a lot to look at and do. As you progress through the game, more content is slowly introduced to your environments. Whether you're in it for a good puzzle, or a cheap smile, Tiny Thief will easily be able to deliver.

Everything about Tiny Thief is touch controlled with very clear indications where to tap to progress through the game, it just depends on your timing and how you choose work your way through the levels. The ease of play, and quirky animations makes Tiny Thief a great game for all ages.

The only thing that might disappoint and chase a few users away is the price. Tiny Thief costs $3.50 with no free version to be had, so you'll have to take a gamble on this one.

Based on the ratings Tiny Thief got on the Google Play Store including my own, I think you'd be pretty satisfied with your purchase.
So if you got a sense of humor and a couple dollars in your pocket, I highly recommend Tiny Thief.

You can download Tiny Thief via the Google Play Store Here.