Sony Xpera SP now available in Canada

Starting yesterday the new Sony Xperia SP is available at 3 different carriers of your choosing:  Rogers, Fido and Virgin.

The Sony Xperia SP is Sony's latest addition to the crowd of jumbled letters for names... no, it's not the secret "Honami", so stop drooling +Mark Lastiwka.

But it's a pretty nice device:

  • 4.6" @ 1280x720
  • 1.7GHz x2 Snapdragon S4 w/ 1GB RAM
  • 8GBM storage + microSD
  • 8MP / 0.3MP camera
  • JB 4.1
  • NFC and LTE
So, if you're on one of those networks and are looking for a decent upgrade, it's not bad.  Usually free on a subsidized plan or $325 outright.

We've updated the database (see below), which actually brings to thought that I might have to start re-jigging that database to start reflecting the new costs based on 2 year plans instead of 3.... those filthy rotten bastards!

Don't forget to look at the second tab for the pricing of each device on the carriers.