Sony Honami System dump leaked, new UI and some goodies

It looks like over the weekend, some enterprising xda-developers got their hands on a system dump for Sony's rumoured Honami phone, apparently Sony Model number C6906. What we got to see was a newer whiter UI, new camera app and some other goodies. Most interestingly was that these leaks supposedly came from a Canadian Carrier, so we should be crossing our fingers that Canada will be getting it (unlike the Xperia Z, which is still MIA).
To add weight to the rumours, the build.prop has "confirmed" that the Honami will come with the Snapdragon 800 processor and will be able to capture 20MP images. There is also a super resolution algorithm that will allow you the record 4K videos (overkill much?). The camera ISO will also be able to go up to 12800 and will include a SteadyShot option to image stabilization. I am hoping for that to be optical stabilization seen in the Nokia Lumia 920.

The most significant changes seem to be with the camera. New icons have  been added along with features like "Timeshift", Info-Eye, Socialcast and others. Timeshift sounds like it will be a burst mode that allows you to pick out the best pic (one where everyone is smiling and all eyes are open). Info-eye is apparently a search app kooaba, according to Xperia Blog. It will most likely give you info regarding items, objects and places of interest.

Also including will be the ability for user to add additional camera functions via an "Xperia Camera Add-ons" button. This is a great idea that will allow users to customize what features they can add to their camera without it getting bloated.

Honami will also apparently come with a brand new user interface, which will overhaul the launcher, app drawer and Walkman app. The walkman app (my favourite first-party music player), will apparently now add support for music unlimited, an extremely nice addition. For those of you missing out on Google Play All Access, this is one alternative we can actually get in Canada, and will now be integrated into the walkman music player.

Sony will also be adding new apps to Honami, including a clock app, albums, conversations, phonebook, settings and calendar. The settings, calendar, phonebook, calculator, conversations and clock app all have a very whitish look to them. It's clear that the Honami will not be an S-AMOLED.

In addition, the small apps application has also been updated to support multiple small apps at the same time. This is a welcome addition, as the previous small apps application restricted you to one floating app at a time.

I, for one, and seriously looking forward to this device. I know I said I would hold onto my Nexus 4 for 2 years, but I don't think I can make it. There has been no formal announcement on this device, but it is expected to come around in a few days at Sony's event in Paris on the 4th. Lets keep our fingers crossed for a Canada release!
Source: Xperia Blog