Quick App Review: MEGA v1.1.1

Kim Dotcom and his crew of programmers finally released the long awaited MEGA app from their awesome file sharing site Mega.co.nz! I've demonstrated the app last week during our #AppColiseum on #FNH36.
Ironically, the app was released on July 4th, right on time for the USA's national day! (Remember, it's the FBI that shut down the megaupload.com website last year).

From the comments I read, a few people are having problem signing in but my personal experience was without a glitch. The app is fast, and just like Dropbox or Google Plus, you can automatically sync your pictures from your phone to the Mega servers.

The app has an upload, rename, move and delete option. You can create a new folder, create a link from a file or folder, upgrade your account for more storage and of course, download files. Very basic but at the same time, do you really need more options? If so which ones?

They have three monthly or annual storage plans and the prices are:

It is a lot cheaper to use MEGA than Google! The basic and free MEGA account comes with 50GB of storage and that's plenty for the majority of us.

Let me know what cloud options you're using are and if you pay any money to use them!

Get it on Google Play