No Chromecast for Canada? [download apk]

So, I was looking about trying to make sense of this Chromecast item.

I love it... and I'll buy it (so far as they'll have it in stock while I'm in the US this weekend).  But after viewing bits of the releases and whatnot, I still have more questions than answers.

Took me a while to find a video that covered the press event as Google removed theirs.  Plus, most of the videos I were seeing of "hands on" were only showing the device and just talking about it - or only showing YouTube / Netflix.  Nothing I was really interested in (I want to see more of what it could do - I understood that simple casting).

finally found this video of it...
One of the items I was looking around for a 'specific' Chromecast app, and can't see it (I wasn't seeing the 'cast' buttons on youtube or play music or Netflix). Turns out they were geofencing it off from us.  So I wasn't seeing it... thanks to +Randy Kelly Jr. and his post I got the link:

Randy Kelly Jr.
Here is the #chromecast app!010xwDKQ!VwWr7eLKkfc9x3qfAGXW4ns6QK81TGv5uPFIRXUCbUg

Chromecast is the easiest way to enjoy online video and anything from the w...

So now I can see the app, but I can't install it... at least not in my country (again, if I get wifi in the US, I'll try there).
If you want the apk, check Randy's post (he's using SkyDrive to share), or you can use my link here: [I'm using CX, if you want to try it out too... here's my referral link:]

Even there's a Chromecast extension for you Chrome experience on a desktop/laptop, so get it now so that when you get yours, you're all ready!