Nemesis - Stage 1 - meet Focal

+CyanogenMod a dedicated group of Android Enthusiasts who just want to make cool stuff better.

A little while ago we heard about their "Nemesis" project with a bit of a teaser.  The internet (android folks, mind you) EXPLODED with excitement and wild dreams of what it could mean.

We still don't know really... but the first 'phase' of Nemesis was announced.  A revamped camera app called "Focal".

+Russell Holly over at  has done a great job of giving an overview, and I won't even begin to try to explain, as he does a fantastic job giving you all the details.

Widget UI for the menu system, PicSphere, Google Now'ish swiping to bring up some settings.  Looks good!

The new app will be part of nightlies starting next week.  See an official video from CM below.

So what does this mean for CyanogenMod?  A second camera app, and they've already had some custom apps like Voice+, Apollo, etc... are they looking to entirely replace Android with a full on CM fork?

What will phase 2 bring?

I do like the having to snap the button to capture a picsphere portion (whereas photosphere automatically takes the picture when you line up).  Interesting times... interesting times.