Make Your Tablet Child Friendly with CyanogenMod

During our Friday Night Hangout last week, I talked about making my tablet child friendly while playing games. So I've come back to report my findings.

So if you're in a position like me where you want to have your kid start to play and learn with a tablet of their own, there's one hurdle we're all going to come across. On many newer tablets you'll have on screen navigational buttons which are present during games and other apps, this makes it way too easy to navigate away from the game and ruin the experience. Here's how I fixed this.

(CyanogenMod) Root Required

One of the most popular roms for rooted users is CyanogenMod, and this is actually the method I'm currently using to keep my Nexus 7 child friendly. Of course we're talking about roms now, so clearly you'll need to be rooted for this.

So clearly the bottom navigation bar is the problem here, but thanks to CyanogenMod we can remove this.

The Expanded Desktop is not in your power menu be default, you'll have to enable this. to enable this in CyanogenMod go to Settings > System > Expanded Desktop.

Now you can hold the power button and make this navigation bar and status bar (optional) come and go as you please. Keep your tablet in one spot, and keep your personal stuff untouched by young fingers.

What about us non Rooted Users!?!?

Don't worry I got something for you too, but I'm still working on that. Check back in a couple days for my Non-Rooted method to handle this issue.  I got too much to write and not enough time in a day.   The duties of a father ^_^

I'll Update this article with the non-Root Method when it goes live as well.