Make Your Android Faster and Snappy

This is a pretty simple trick nearly anyone can do if they're on Android OS 4.0+ whether you're rooted or not.

I'm the kinda person where when I hold my Android and I want to check my mail, I want to check it NOW not in 2 to 3 seconds, I'm extremely impatient.
With these simple tweaks, you can have your Android maneuver a lot faster.

Sometimes the developer options are hidden depending on your device. If it's hidden for you, go to Settings > About > Repeatedly Click the Build Number Tile. This will reveal the developer options for you.

You'll have 3 options for Animation. By turning all 3 of these off, you'll save fractions of seconds with every tap of your screen as it'll instantly go to the next screen. A fraction of a second isn't really important to a lot of people, but just imagine how often you're opening and closing apps, it really adds up and makes your device feel a whole lot faster.

Older Android devices especially benefit from doing this. If device is performing a little sluggish, this will make it easier on your device by giving it less to render and you'll really see the benefit from disabling the animation.

So it you're as impatient as I am, this is something you'll want to try out for yourself. This isn't a complicated thing to do, but often overlooked. Note: If you're not familiar with Android devices, I don't recommend playing with the other option other than the Animation. There's nothing here that can really cause you any harm, but a few of these other options can make your experience less desirable.