ITSkins Plural Diary style case

There are some well known case makers Sena, Otterbox, Poetic; then there are the lesser known case makers like ITSkins. When they wanted to test drive their new cases, they came on the XDA forum and put the word out they would send a case for review. Since I like "diary" style cases so I don't have to carry a wallet, I chose the Plural.
Aside from the diary style there were a couple of features that really piqued my interest: how the device is held in the case and how the stand is implemented.

Diary cases I've had use either a plastic shell, (p)leather sleeve or wires to hold the device in place. ITSkins has opted for simple corner clips which does away with the need for accurate cutouts for ports.The clips are well padded and the device feels secure when put in place. Removing the device is easy. When the case is closed it fits well inside the clips to protect the screen and the latch feels snug.

The flap that holds the case closed widens to act as the hinge for the side of the case so it's covers the middle third of the device. One of the nicest features of the design is how this integrates a kick stand into the case. I am really put off by a fold on the entire back of my case - it looks unprofessional to me. The flap on the back seems like it will shift after some use so you'll have to be careful with how you close the case.

This is a slim form factor and it is slim with some padding on the cover. When the case is folded over to use the phone it feels reasonably good. The slots for credit cards/ID are generous and there is a holder for cash. The stitching is good quality and professional; the design well implemented. The case has a premium feel which is expected considering materials and the price of the case.

It is advertised as "pour lui" on the website but the only mannish thing about it is really the colour. If you're on the run to the gym or want to slip your device and some cards into a backpack or tablet case, this may be for you. The quality of this ITSkin product makes it likely that I check out their other products "pour elle".