Happy Canada Day (and happy 6 months to us)

So, one of my favourite holidays. Canada Day!

We're rarely do patriotic ever, and even on our nation's birthday we spend it ever so relaxed (currently in relaxing in the tent I put up to get ready for our camping trip). But it is the time that we, as Canadians actually feel some pride. And we celebrate thusly.

So, we hope that our readers on this side of the border are having a great day.

This also represents 6 months of our little blog. Thank you for helping us to make it this far. I would have thought I would have long since gotten bored and ended it, but with the help of the team and, of course, you, our readers we plod on.

If it weren't for you and your continued discussions on our site, Google plus and our hangouts, we would have just packed it in.

It's what I love above the android community, always plenty of discussion.  And I thank you for joining in the conversations with us!

Here's to a great National Holiday - celebrate it in style - and here's to another 6 months (and hopefully more) of our little blogging project!