Google going to host an event on July 24th - what can it mean?

So, Google has set up a press event on July 24th (we weren't invited, but found out anyways).

What has +Sundar Pichai got up his sleeve for this event.  There's not a lot of big build up to it like some of the big ones... but still there's a lot of looming questions about several items out there.

Here's just a quick rundown of some of the questions I have... (note I'm not indulging in the rumours, I'm merely speculating on my own thoughts).

  • The state of the Google Edition / Nexus User Experience devices
    • (like really, why did the S4 get 4.3 before a Nexus?)
  • Jelly Bean 4.3
  • The next Nexus 7 / 10
My wishlist would include stuff like the Google Smartwatch, GoogleTV merging with some sort of Nexus Q reboot... all sorts of things, but that's why they're a wishlist and not a 'questions' list.

Maybe with some of the recent 'leaks' of 4.3 and the rumour mill surrounding the all but confirmed N7 mark II they just had to have a quick event to officially release them?

What are your hopes and dreams for next Wednesday?