CyanogenMod 10.2 Android OS 4.3 Nightlies Imminent

Since Google dropped Android OS 4.3, people have been going nuts trying to figure out when
they'll get it running on their devices ASAP. We have some amazing news to share with you!

+CyanogenMod announced via their Google+ page this morning that they've finally managed to get Google's new OS 4.3 booting up successfully on their CyanogenMod rom. Of course it's still in early stages right now, but they're opening the doors for people to start playing around with it if they so choose to.

Nightlies are just around the corner people! with the OS not changing a whole lot from 4.2.2, I wonder how long it'll take the +CyanogenMod team to get this running in tip top shape. 

Will you be flashing the early nightlies, or are you going to wait a while?