Block Annoying Popups with AdAway

Android is an amazing platform that gives us so much for free, but lately free apps are becoming more and more littered with banners and popups. Adaway can makes them all disappear and make your screen free as a bird.

AdAway is an amazing little application that Requires Root Access but does a lot to benefit the average user.
AdAway removes those annoying ad banners from apps and web pages by modifying a couple files on your phone.

There are a handful of apps that get past ad blockers, but a vast majority will be blocked. That being said... Many free apps and web pages rely on ad revenue for monetary reward for their work, and this would essentially be taking that away from them. So knowing that, the choice is yours.

Google has banned all ad blockers from the Google Play Store, but you can download it outside the Google Play Store if you know where to look. However, to make life super easy for you, I've place a download link below.