Battery Guru - Extend your battery life

I installed Battery Guru last week a day or so before the hangout. It took a day to check my usage then went to work telling me how it was conserving battery and what how much battery it's saving me.

A couple things made it appealing to me. One is that it's by Qualcomm and the S4 has a Snapdragon processor and the other is that it's totally hands off. I used Juice Defender and it felt like a lot of work for me to get it set up the way I wanted it. Stuff always seemed to be turned off.

The thing with battery savers is you frequently give up functionality in order to save juice. By monitoring your use Battery Guru sees how often core apps need to update and . I leave my WiFi on all the time so it get turned off intermittently through the day then stays on while I'm on the home network. With Battery Guru I've felt the information is there when I want it.

Has it extended my battery life? It feels like it. Even though I'm using my device more at work because the internet is getting more locked down I don't feel I have to throw my S4 on to top up the charge when I get home.

I'm happy:)

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