Android Revolution HD Google Edition for HTC One

The day has come that I've been yapping about for a while now. A very reliable Rom Cooker mike1986 released Android Revolution HD Google Edition! Granted this isn't the first Google Edition to land on XDA, but it's the first reliable edition I'm personally willing to flash.

For a while now, I've answered numerous questions from online followers and real life friends. No matter if it's the HTC One or the Samsung Galaxy S4, the question always is, "Do you think I should wait for the Google Edition" and my common answer has always been, "No."

As I tell everyone else. It has been said all over the internet that The Sense version of HTC One will get Google Edition Roms too, of course you'll have to root though. Rooting your phone and having the sense edition allows you to bounce between both worlds of Sense and Vanilla Google, where's the Google Edition you'd likely be stuck on just stock Google.

But all that aside, a reliable Google Edition is available for ALL North American variants of the HTC One. I'm running it now, and boy is it ever fast...

Don't take my word for it, try it out for yourself. You can find the link below.

Link To Android Revolution HD Google Edition for HTC One

This link is for the International Version, but don't worry we share the same hardware as the International variants and yes LTE and everything work just fine, I'm living proof of this ^_~.