Android Coliseum: Tip of the week [#FNH37]

This week's tip of the week is about deciding what not to sync on your device and why it matters.
There's one good reason I think why it matters: the more syncing your device is doing, the more battery and the more data is going to be used. When you're at home on a Wi-Fi connection and near a charger, you'll be fine syncing everything since data and battery are not really a factor. If you have to travel and use roaming data, it can become costly to sync everything all the time and you may not have access to a charger when you need one. Or you can be in a place where the Wi-Fi connection is very slow and you want to optimise your data usage.

There's a few services you can decide not to sync, even when on a stable Wi-Fi connection like your Google photos as you can always view them using the Google Plus app if needed! Really there's no point in keeping them synced. Another one I don't sync is "App data" as I don't need my apps data to be synced between my GNex and my Nexus 7...

Now let's get into explaining how to achieve that.

First thing first, you need to turn your Sync on. Then go into your Settings / Accounts (Google) / and select your Google account. From there, you now see check boxes beside each of the services you can sync. Just check off any services you don't want to keep syncing and your done! Now re-enable your data and enjoy!

PS.: During the Hangout, I mentioned I always turn off data before changing these settings but that's only because I don't wanna waste any data since I pay for every byte of data as a prepaid customer...

Hope this #tipoftheweek helps!