Your Android's Always Ready with Smart Cover

+Ryan Moore and myself often talk about Android apps and accessories. He talked about his father having a Note II with a Cover Case that has a flap that covers the screen almost like book. I have one of those cases as well for my HTC One, so I decided to have a little fun.

This is my little run through of Smart Cover.

Smart Cover is actually a very simple and amazing little application that can be used on virtually any phone.
It utilizes your system's proximity sensor to tell the screen to turn on or off based on if there's something close to it.

This app combine with a Smart Cover Case that has one of those foldable flaps, allows you to open your phone like a book and have you phone instantly be ready for action.
Here's a small demo of the app in use by the developer.

pretty amazing huh?

The Smart Cover app also has other useful things you can do with it if you think outside the box a little.

  • Can also be used with a Belt Clip Holster. It'll operate the same way Blackberries do be sleeping and waking the device when entering and/or leaving the holster.
  • Same idea with just your pocket. Have your phone ready and waiting for your commands the very second it leaves your pocket for the fast paced 'On the go' person.
Smart Cover will cost you about $1.50, but If you're the penny pincher type, there are other free alternatives, but I've found they don't work as well as this one.

Don't be ready to unlock your phone, have your phone ready to unlock itself for you.

You can find Smart Cover via the Google Play Store.