Where do you turn for help for your Android issues? [poll]

Oooh, I get by with a little help from my friends...

That's been my mantra with working with Android.  The community is amazing.  When I run into a problem, there's somebody who knows how.

When my wife's phone had an issue, first thing I did was post on G+ to see if there was someone who might have had the same problem, or a solution.  Everybody's always so helpful.

That's my first thing to do when looking for help.  Search out my crack team of crowdsourced troubleshooters.

How about you?  When you have issues, where do you turn first?

Now, some might do all of these, but I'd like to know what's your 'first' step?  Maybe folks who are looking for help might get some new starting points when I share the results.  Put some of the answers in the comments below as well as the poll...