#TipoftheWeek - Using Google Now to set an alarm

I love Google Now.  You can use it for so many things.  (I have a database full of suggestions)

This week's #TipoftheWeek is using it to set an alarm.

Super useful if you want to go and enjoy this summer weather in the back yard in the hammock, but only want to spend 10-20 minutes relaxing (if you're like me, you have a LARGE 'honey-do' list and relaxing in that hammock can really steal some hours away).

Just before you start whatever it is you want to do... nap, read, soak in the tup... fire up Google Now and say "Set an alarm for XX minutes from now".  You could be specific in saying an exact time, but I like just saying so many minutes from now.

Google Now will pop up with a confirmation of your action, just tap it and then go and relax or do the laundry, whatever it is you were going to do for that time period.  The alarm will sound once the time is up.

Pretty handy!

#TipoftheWeek is part of our weekly series we present during our Friday Night Hangouts.  Tune in this Friday for the next tip!