Tip of the week [#FNH33]

During our Friday Night Hangout #33, the tip of the week was about toggles.

Let me put you in a situation where you'd find this tip useful: you press your toggle to activate your WiFi and it doesn't connect right away.  Then you go back to your home screen and hit your menu button and browse to your system settings / WiFi and start troubleshooting your problem.

Well, with this tip, you can easily go from your toggles to the settings.
On Jelly Bean 4.2.2, long-press any toggle and it will bring you directly to it's settings.

Really easy. Very useful. If you're one of those who didn't know this new functionality in Jelly Bean, now you do!

Just so you know, I would show you a screenshot of my million toggles in AOKP buy I can't seem to be able to take a screenshot of my notification screen without installing an app just for that. Maybe that can be another tip of the week... in the upcoming weeks!

Happy toggling!