Tetris Blitz

I remember playing Tetris on a x286 at work on coffee breaks. Early exposure was a good thing as I could blow by my friends that challenged me on the Nintendo 64. Time passes and I got out of the Tetris habit. Tetris Blitz has gotten me back in.

The game play for Tetris Blitz is a little different than traditional Tetris, for one thing it's simply time based rather than infinite lines. For another there is a lot less control over the pieces. You don't slide them around, you are presented with a positions they block can fit and you tap to place. You can turn them for alternate positions but you don't get the opportunity to specifically place them.

It wouldn't be a modern game without power ups and in game purchases. You can enjoy playing without making additional purchases but there's a lot of nagging going on. Facebook log in is also a nag as there is no way to disable the request, it simply keeps asking until you get annoyed and stop playing. This isn't a bad thing because it gets me to quit after 15 minutes.

If you like Tetris, there's a lot to like about this game, especially if you have a Facebook account. The graphics are great and game play smooth.

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