Super Stickman Golf 2 [game review]

Ah, Stickman games.  Gotta love their simplicity.

Last week during our #AppColiseum I showcased "Super Stickman Golf 2" a great revisit to the original with just enough tweaks and twists to make it a GREAT sequel.

Plus, it uses the new Google Play Games Services.
Super Stickman Golf 2
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The gist of the game is simple on the basic premise of select angle, select power amount and shoot.  Play with vectors to get your ball to land in the hole.

As in the last version your golfer got some super powers.  Like a sticky ball (so it'll stick to a wall), ice ball (so it'll freeze water so you don't get a water hazard).

This time round you get some 'hat' powers.  And as you 'level up' (something that wasn't in the previous versions) you can get different golfers.

Hat powers allow you small bonuses in the rounds.  Like the turtle shell hat slows down your power gauge climbing (allowing you more accurate desired power).  The Santa hat upgrades the ice ball to freeze ALL water in a level (not just one little pond).  Etc...  To get hats you have to 'play the lottery' where you put some money into the lottery.  The more you put in, the more likely you'll get a new hat.  The more hats you already have means the costs gets higher and higher.

Rounds also have bonuses like trying to find all the 'bux' in one round, or playing the round without any power ups.
These accomplishments are logged via the Play Game Services

Speaking of Game Services, you also get the fun advantage of now having 'multiplayer' games.

The first option is a 'turn by turn' game.  I play these with my wife a fair bit.  Essentially you search for the other player, initiate a game, play a hole, then they play 2, then you play 2... and you see who wins.  Nice thing about this is that it's "play when you want".  You'll get a notification when it's your turn, and it could be days, could be minutes.  No pressure.  Win the round and you get experience!

The drawback is you can't just go ahead and use your G+ circles to pick someone, so you have to know the player's name.  I guess that's just so you don't spam a random person from your circles who may not have the game.

But then there is the 'race' game.  I haven't tried this yet, but you do get to choose from your G+ circles.

Best of all... did I tell you it's free?  And crazy addictive... go grab it!

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