Sony's new SmartWatch 2 and the Z Ultra

A couple of brand new Sony devices to add to the Android army with an announcement yesterday:

The Smart Watch 2 and the Xperia ZU

Note, the scale there is TOTALLY off...

During our Friday Night Hangout #34 we were discussing the soon to be released ZU, and I off-handedly dismissed it as the 'budget device'... woops.  There's sooo many devices to keep track of lately.

But this ZU... or Z Ultra (as a good way to remember what it is), is ultra big.  A 6.44" device!  Wow.  I really hesitate calling it a phone as I want to see someone hold it to their head first.
  • 6.44" @ 1920x1080
  • 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800
  • 8MP / 2MP
  • World's slimmest
  • Waterproof
And apparently the screen is apparently sensitive enough to use ANY pen like you would for a stylus, but I'm waiting to really see it in action.  See it in people's hands in the video below to really get the 'gist'.

And Tom's got a potential new wrist device coming out with the successor to the Sony SmartWatch... the SmartWatch 2.

The video below shows it looking pretty slick.  I might just have to start wearing a watch again.

The new version is now 1.6" @ 220x176 and is IP57 rated for water resistance (hrmm... will Tom test it again?).  New this year is charging via microUSB (yay) and NFC (I'm guessing to make BT pairing easier... but I wonder what you could make it do potentially...).

Got word from Sony today that it'll be about September 2013 before it'll be ready for Canada.