Sony updates the Xperia ZL, Z and Ion

A crap-ton of news to catch up on ... sorry, if I'm lumping them together.  But I figured these would be closely linked anyways.

Looks like Sony's upping the 'update' game with a few updates lately.

First up is the Xperia Ion.  A little bit older device, but it's finally getting it's Jelly Bean on with 4.1.2.

Still behind in the times in terms of the 'latest' update, but remember:  Jelly Bean brings them up to date with Google Now.  Unfortunately the update has to be done via their PC software... so no OTA options for you.  But think of all the cool things you'll be able to do with Google Now.

Then there's the Z device out there (not on Canadian shores quite yet), but they've updated it to 4.2.2 for some European markets (i.e. Spain, Austria, Ukraine, Czech Republic and the Netherlands) as well as Taiwan.

Lastly is the ZL, now this one is a little while ago, and although I haven't heard official updates for Canadian devices, we are seeing European and North American models out there with the update.  So we shouldn't be too far behind to get our 4.2.2 on.

Here's our database for all the devices:
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