Snugg sleeve for the S4

I like using a pouch for my phone since I don't use a traditional case. The pouch has to protect the screen while allowing easy access. Ideally I would also like a card slot for those times I'm just running to the gym. I found the Snugg case on Amazon and it seemed to fit my needs.

This case is well made. There is no loose stitching or trailing threads and the phone fits nicely into the case. It has an elasticized pull tab to get the phone out of the case. Not sure how that will hold up over time. A couple lice touches include a cut out where the phone speaker is and a magnet to hold the tab in place.

I was really interested in the card holder. It really is made to hold just one card as even one card makes a visible bump in the case. The inside of the case is just a leather finish. It would have been nice if there was a microfibre interior that would clean the glass a little. Even so, the leather should prevent scratches.

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