More CM10.1 goodies a-comin'

So, Tom just wrote about the release of the latest stable CM10.1 release.  That doesn't mean that CID is sitting on his butt... there's plenty of new cool stuff coming down the pipes.

First up is the introduction of the Privacy Guard.  We had mentioned this before as a way to make your apps go into an 'incognito', and it looks like the final naming will be "Privacy Guard".

This will be included in the nightlies going forward according to a recent Google+ post:

Privacy Guard merged

+Steve Kondik has merged the patch sets to enable Privacy Guard support for all future nightly builds, starting later today.

With our code branch structure, Privacy Guard will not be included in the 10.1.0 RC or stable releases.

As this is a new and relatively powerful, feel free to report specific issues to our comments section below, but do not report Privacy Guard bugs to JIRA.  

Second up is a wicked-cool camera feature.

Cass had shown off a cool app that lets you instantly take a photo with a shortcut... that was really neat, as it really cuts down the 'get your camera ready' time.

Well, this new feature that should be upcoming allows the camera's viewfinder to take a place in your drop down notification shade (in the Quick Settings pane).  It sounds weird, but the video will make your jaw drop!  Tres cool!

Drop down the shade, tap the tile to activate and tap again to take a photo.  Swiping the shade up turns off the camera mode.

Check out their post: to see the full discussion

Advanced Quick Settings

Currently in review, this patch from +Nebojsa Cvetkovic aims to allow you access to capture a picture from anywhere in the OS, just by accessing the Quick Settings menu/shade.

Nebojsa Cvetkovic originally shared:CyanogenMod QuickSettings Mini-Camera Tile

It always annoyed me how long it takes to open up the Camera app to take a quick picture. Yesterday I decided to make this tile for QuickSettings that functions as a small camera.

The first tap starts the preview and subsequent taps take pictures. It attempts continuous autofocus if the device supports it or otherwise focuses after the first tap. When you are done just close the notification shade and the camera will automatically close. The pictures taken are full resolution and same quality as through the Camera app.