Humble Bundle (with Android) 6 brings you more games and helps charities

We've talked about +Humble Bundle before on this blog... a lot actually.

In fact their app was +Mark Lastiwka's #appcoliseum choice one week.

Well, they're back at it again, this time with up to 7 games that are also supported on Android.

Included this time round are:

Organ Trail: Director's Cut
Stealth Bastard Deluxe

At the time of writing, the average was $4.70, which means if you pay that, or more, then you get all the games plus:

Frozen Synapse
Broken Sword:  Director's Cut

So, might as well.. $5 for 7 games.  Cheap!  Plus you know that the money goes to indie developers and helps out charities.  Plus, you're also getting the windows version of the games (where compatible) and the soundtracks.  All for a measly $5?!?!

I'm not really enamored by any of the games, tbh... but I'll throw them a few bones to help support.

You should as well!