HTC One Sense Vs Google Edition

I've been rocking the HTC One since the day it came out in Canada, I can't speak highly enough about it. Now with this release of the HTC One Google Edition, some people are going crazy trying to figure out which one they should get.

Let's walk through our choices together shall we?

The HTC One is no doubt one of the hottest devices of the year. I've seen many Galaxy S4 users swap over to HTC One and express their joy over their own S4.
HTC Clearly hit a homerun with this device and now with the Google Edition, people are more excited than ever. But one question is still lingering around.... Do you actually need it?

Our North American Carriers that are currently selling this phone only have it as high as 4.1.2. That's a bit of a low blow since the direct competitor is running 4.2.2 (Galaxy S4)
If you're like me and hate waiting for our carriers, you can root your device and flash the international roms on our North American Variants. They use the same hardware as International Variants and don't wait for no one but HTC Themselves, which are currently running the latest 4.2.2 Android release. We Canadians can safely use these international roms.

So that's one option we can look at. You get all HTC's goodies that people are raving about such as Zoe, BoomSound aka Beats Audio, and their super speedy launcher with blinkfeed, with many others.

Okie... So you have your heart set one the Google version and nothing is going to pull you away from it, we got that... But did you know CyanogenMod as of June 28, 2013 just merged the Google Edition kernel and some other GE aspects into CyanogenMod?

CyanogenMod is giving you the Google Edition on your Sense version HTC One you're looking for, but with total customizability that the even the Google Edition can't offer you.

Now lets be real about this... You're giving up Zoe and the amazing camera features with the ultrapixle low light technology, Beats, BlinkFeed, and many other HTC Specific features just to be stock Google. is it really worth it?

Google has been releasing nearly their entire OS apps to the Google Play Store. You could be running 4.2.2 Sense version of HTC One, and cut out all the features you don't like. Then you could simply download the Google Counterparts found on the Google Play store to get the best of both worlds, without sacrificing one for the other. Now, doesn't that sound better?  You can have your cake and eat it too.... then smash it in the face of the iPhone user sitting next to you...

These of course are just my points of view, and you're all going to purchase the device you have you heart set on, I just wanted to bring up a couple points you may not have noticed before.
No matter which device you end up getting, you're going to be very happy with it.