Holy crap -- tons of new devices for the Android Army

So many new devices out there now already.  And just in the past couple days there've been a ton of announcements for new devices.

And not some fabled X-Phon or NEXT NEXUS.  Real devices.

Like, some new Asus tablets, Sony's got a new one phone, Toshiba... etc...

Are you excited?  I've said from the start:  Android's about choice.  Having more choices out there is great for the ecosystem.  Just bad for my pocket book!
So what's coming down the pipe?

Xperia UL
5" 1080p
1.5GHz x4 w/ 2GB RAM
16GB storage
Water / Dust resistant 
So far listing for Japan only... hopefully it comes to more

Xperia M
4" @ 480x854
1GHz x2
4GB storage
Ships with 4.1
Set for global launch in Q3
Galaxy S4 Mini 
4.3" @ 960x540
1.7GHz x2 with 1.5GB RAM
8GB storage
8MP / 2MP
More info coming soon
Galaxy Tab 3 7", 8" and 10.1" 
7" @ 1024x600
1.2GHz w/ 1GB RAM
8/16GB storage
3MP rear camera
Check out the video: http://youtu.be/XO3CjT9751A

8" @ 1280x8001.5GHz x2 w/ 1.5GB RAM
16/32GB storage
5MP / 1.3MP
JB 4.2

10.1" @ 1280x800
1.6GHz x2 (Intel?) w/ 1GB RAM
16/32GB storage
3MP / 1.3MP
Should be available in June
Galaxy S4 Active
5" @ 1080p
1.9GHz x4 Snapdragon 600 w/ 2GB RAM
16GB storage + microSD
Android 4.2
Dust/Water resistant
Due out for 'summer'!
SlateBook x2 
10.1 HD
Tegra 4
64GB storage
Android 4.2.2
Optional keyboard dock (like the Asus ones)
Very nice. Something to definitely retire my TF101

Excite Pro 
10.1" @ 2560x1600
Tegra 4 w/ 2GB RAM
32GB storage + microSD
Android 4.2
Excite Write
10.1" @ 2560x1600
Tegra 4 w/ 2GB RAM
32GB + microSD
Gorilla Glass + TruPen
Android 4.2 
I do like the look of the stylus. Definitely looks a little 'weightier' than the Notes'
Excite Pure 
10.1" @ 1280x800
Tegra 3 w/ 1GB RAM
16GB storage + microSD
Android 4.2 
All should be available in June

MeMo Pad HD 7 
7" @ 1280x800
ARM Cortex A7 quad core
5MP / 1.2MP
$129 (8GB) or $150 (16GB) + microSD
Android 4.2 
Available July 2013
MeMo Pad HD 10 
10.1" @ 1920x1200
1.6GHz Intel
16/32GB + microSD
5MP / 1.2MP 
Available September 2013
Transformer Pad Infinity  
10.1" @ 2560x1600
1.9GHz Tegra 4 ARM Cortex A15 w/ 2GB RAM
32GB + microSD
5MP / 1.2MP

We've updated our massive Canadian Android Database for you to peruse through at your leisure!