Help 'kickstart' Tylt's Vu Qi Charger

One of the coolest things I've seen for phones in the past while is the use of 'wireless'.  Beaming, and cloud technology are the best.  I rarely plug in my phone except to charge it these days.

Want to send a file?  Here's a cloud link.  Want to upload that picture to my computer +AirDroid to the rescue.  Want some music?  Play Music streaming it already.

Now, even plugging it in to charge is almost a thing of the past.  The Nexus 4 takes advantage of the Qi charging capability out there, and you can get the 'puck' if you like.  But there's been some folk who've had some issues of it losing it's grip.

Welcome to the +TYLT Vu Charger.
It showed it's face off during CES and I was really intrigued.  Nice design.

So you can help them ensure this product makes it to market by donating to the kickstarter:

I like their stuff - I reviewed the Tylt Band Charger a while back.  Very good products.

Here's the video: