Grape (beta) - Get your quick video on

Sometimes I want to share a quick video of the dogs to share on Google Plus. I knew I didn't want Vine, pretty basic, and checked out Viddy, which has filters you can add before sharing, before deciding Grape fits my needs.

When you're trying a new app you really need to know what you want. I wanted short videos that I could post to G plus without having to join anymore social groups. Things that didn't matter: filters, sound, front camera. I could simply use my video setting on the S4 but I didn't want to. Enter Grape. This app more than filled my expectations and does things my default video recording app doesn't.

Grape in action
share where ever
The interface is very simple. When you launch the app hold a finger on the screen to record. You can stop and start as often as you like and once you've recorded a video over 1 second you can save it by tapping the check mark. The saved video can be shared to G+, messages, email and YouTube. The devs are working on getting Twitter access.

Pros - short video that's compressed for sharing, includes sound and the ability to swap between rear and front facing camera.
Neutral - records sounds, I get a lot of barking:(
Cons - very compressed so it looks not so great on computer.

This was my pic for the app coliseum for Friday Night Hangout 34 (I kept looking outside to see if summer had arrived yet).

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