Google Music Now Helps Save Your Data

Google Music is an amazing service, but when you're streaming from the cloud, it can quickly eat away at your data pool. Google recently updated the application for Android to give you the ability to save some data while streaming.

As a Canadian blog, we try to stick with Canadian content as much as we can. We're aware that Google's music streaming isn't available in Canada yet, but if you follow +Ryan Moore's guide Found Here, you'll be able to enjoy it with the rest of us.

Within the settings of Google Music, you now have the option to select Low, Normal, and High level of data usage when streaming your music. Clearly the higher data usage will result in a richer sound, but I can tell you steaming over Low still results in great sound quality.

I streamed the greatest hits of Barenaked Ladies which is 12 tracks and I used just shy of 50mb, where's normal quality ran me around 80mb+.
With very little loss of sound quality, the data savings is amazing.

This accompanied with Google's Chrome Beta for Android having a Data Saving feature as well is pretty cool. It's really nice to see Google offering Data friendly options.

You can grab Google Music for free via the Google Play Store Found Here.