Full price listing for Android Phones available in Canada

So, you guys know me, right?  I'm the database guy.  Much of what I do, I have to do in a somewhat organized fashion.  Hence me compiling databases of information on our site.

Some of them I can just leave up there.  Some might need stuff added to them... others like the list of phones have to be constantly checked.

And I did just that.  Sure, we added some new devices recently, but remember on the next sheet we have the costs of the devices on the various carriers.

This is a great database if you're looking to compare costs of a device against a bunch of competitors, or if you're just looking to buy a new device.
It's funny, because as I used to house it at the old blog, and the link for it is still technically there, I get requests all the time from the defunct database to share!  So, I know folks are using it.

Canadian Android Devices & Costs (see second sheet):  http://goo.gl/k7u7f