Friday Night Hangout App - Analog Clock Collection

Much to my surprise, TouchWiz does not include any analog clocks! Not even the stock Jellybean ones. And the two digital clock styles really are clocks rather than widgets. Enter Analog Clock Widget, a selection of analog clock faces.

A screen of clocks :)
This truly is a widget rather than simply a clock display. You can set your initial widget the same way you add any widget to your display. You can swipe or use the arrow buttons to choose from 36 analog styles (on my S4). The widget default size is 2X2 but you can resize it and the clock keeps looking sharp. You can create buffer zones around the widget simply by making the widget size not square.

When you tap on the widget you can choose between selecting a different clock face or launching your default clock application. On the S4 this means you access not only alarms, but the dual clock, stopwatch and timer feature as well.

I like the style analog clocks bring to the homescreen. This app gives me a range of choices as well as functionality.
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