Download the new 4.2.2 goodies

With the release of the new Google Edition devices comes a bit of a tweaking to the 4.2.2 build.

Our Nexus devices don't have the updates (yet), but if you want to apply it to your device now... here ya go!

  • New Bootloader Animation
  • New Camera App (updated interface)
  • New LiveWallpaper (Sun Beam)

achtung... I haven't tried these myself... so attempt at your own risk. update:  tried the camera on my Nexus 4... works like a charm!

New Bootloader Animation

Install it by copying the file into your System Root: system / media folder and dropping the zip file in there (note:  you'll need root access)
Rename your old file to something like (or delete it) and rename the new one to just  Then change the file permissions as such: 

Then reboot

New Camera App
Download:  APK - / Flashable Zip -
If you download the apk, just click to install, if you're on a Nexus it should replace the camera app, if not, you may have 2 then.
If you download the zip, just flash from your recovery (note, you'll need root access for this)
Notice now you have more settings available via the 'pop ups' from long pressing.  Hardly a 'menu' to be found any more.

New Live Wallpaper
Just install the apk and then you'll have it as an option

So, what do you think?

All my files are stored in if you want to try it out, click here for a bonus!